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 Programas de aprendizaje permanente


Live to be 100 -  Secrets of the Blue Zones

Part 1 of a 2 part series

Friday, March 8th:



Travel around the world with author 

Dan Buettner to discover five unique

communities where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives.


The Journey Begins

Dan travels to Okinawa, Japan, where the

island's oldest residents still share a serene way  of life motivated by a sense of purpose


An Unexpected Discovery

From the mountain villages of Sardinia to a sunny suburb in California, Dan explores what contributes to the long lifespans of the people in these communities.

Safeguard Your Independence

 Fall Prevention

Wednesday, March 20



Facilitator: Dr. Joseph Rendina, PT DPT, OCS Board Certified Specialist



The truth about falls

Are you at risk for falls

How to exercise to prevent falls

The internal side of falls

When you should consider external help

The Blue Zones; Part Two

Friday, March 22nd

11:30 am to 1:00 pm


The End of the Blue Zones

People in two very different Blue Zones, the Greek island Ikaria and Costa Rica's Nicoya  Peninsula thrive thanks to their unique diets and traditions.


The Future of Longevity

Dan visits Singapore and shares his discoveries in the U.S. to find out if it's possible to create new Blue Zones in a rapidly changing world.

Community Health Center

Healthy Living Session

Wednesday, April 3



Need help managing your healthcare and want to know how to build a healthy lifestyle and protect yourself from  getting sick? Join us to talk about ways to stay healthy and get connected with care



Brandi Richardson & Bella Livingston


Stay for the entire program and receive a

Stop & Shop gift card!!



Wednesday, April 17th

12:15pm -1:15pm


Speaker: Annalise Colton, MS, CCC-SLP


Every day communication can be demanding and frustrating, especially if you or a loved one have a voice disorder, a cognitive disorder, public/professional speaking fear, social skill limitations, aphasia and other communication challenges. Fortunately, speech therapy can help with these challenges as well as others! In this presentation, it will present what speech therapy for adults entails, what it can provide for all adults; as well as share useful communication tips that anyone can use to improve their quality of life and better their relationships.

Jewish Family Services of Greenwich

Compassionate Companions

Friday, April 19th



Speaker: Nyisha M. Vaughn BHSM, C-FDP


Our newly developing program, "Compassionate Companions" (available for Greenwich & Stamford residents) is designed to assist seniors  as well as adults with identified disabilities, with the assistance of a volunteer to attend non-emergency medical appointments. This  program offers free, door to door service, including seeing the client's home. 

Ordering Lunch


If you wish to order lunch from the Patio Café for any of our brown bag lunch & learns, we ask that you please order lunch no later than 48 hours before the lecture. This will ensure that everyone has their lunches prior to the start of the lecture and won't interrupt the speaker.


Programas SLN Septiembre 2021

Todos los horarios son a las 2 pm EST  

Los programas a continuación se transmiten en vivo en persona

en el Centro para Personas de la Tercera Edad

(contamos con 5 espacios disponibles para quienes no puedan asistir en persona)


J Kennedy.jpg
R Carter.jpg

February 13th  The Glorious Glaciers! Glacier Bay

National Park and Preserve, AK

Glacier Bay National Park has a dynamic glacial history. The area and its people have observed the tidewater glacier cycle of advance and retreat. Today, Glacier Bay is a place of scientific research where ongoing studies are conducted. Join a park ranger to discuss both the history and what the future may be of glaciers in Glacier Bay.

February 20th : Beyond Camelot: Life and Legacy of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

On January 20, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy took the oath of office to become the nation's 35th president. At age 31, Jacqueline Kennedy was the first lady. With her gracious personal style and her passion for history and the arts, she worked hard to be worthy of her new role. While she had a deep sense of obligation to her country, her first priorities were to be a good wife to her husband and mother to her children.

Join us from the National First Ladies Library and Museum as we explore the layers of Jackie’s life, from her role as a wife and mother to her position as First Lady.

February 27th: The Extraordinary Life of Rosalyn Carter

From her rural beginnings in southwest Georgia to her emergence as our nation's champion of caregivers and mental health, Rosalynn Carter has led a most extraordinary life. This program will engage attendees in Mrs. Carter's early life, her time as First Lady of Georgia and then the nation, and highlight her work with the non-profit Carter Center.- from  the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

happy luner.jpg

March 5th- Happy Lunar New Year: Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art

Celebrate the Lunar New Year and ring in the year of the Dragon with the National Museum of Asian Art. Museum educators guide us to explore works of Asian art and discuss the entertainment, foods, symbols and other customs of Lunar New Year!

The marriage.jpg
FDR Memorial.jpg

The FDR Memorial opened in 1997 and the World War II Memorial opened in 2004.  Hear about some of the controversies involved with these sites. Stone architecture and bronze sculptures recognize the ways Americans served, honors those who fell, and celebrates the victory they achieved to restore freedom and end tyranny around the globe.

James Bama.jpg

March 12th- The Marriage of Ulysses and Julia Grant: “ Warmed in the Sunshine of Love”

 In February 1844 Julia Dent met Ulysses S. Grant, a friend and classmate of her older brother, Frederick. After his first visit to their home in White Haven, Grant returned often to court Julia. He proposed that May with his West Point class ring before deploying in the Mexican-American war, delaying their wedding by four years. Ulysses and Julia had an intense correspondence during this period.

Join us as we explore the loving relationship of Ulysses and Julia Grant. From their first meeting, until General Grant's death in 1885, Ulysses and Julia worked as partners to support each other through good and bad times while raising four children to adulthood. Despite hardship, family conflicts, and extended separation during two American wars, Ulysses and Julia Grant's love for other remained constant.

IMarch 19:Sacrifice, Unity and Victory- WWII Memorial /FDR Memorial

Join us from the National Mall in Washington, DC to explore two memorials in the park, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and the World War II Memorial.  We will focus on the symbolism found in both memorials, examining how this time period is represented in different public spaces.

FDR 2.jpg

March 26: Portraits of the West: James Bama

When illustrator and artist James Bama moved from New York to Wyoming in 1968, he began a decades-long project to understand the West by making photographs and paintings of his new friends and neighbors. Although Bama was best known for his highly detailed and realistic illustrations and paintings, photographs were the foundation of his imagery.

On October 21, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West debuted the new special exhibition James Bama’s Photographs: Portraits of the West. Photographed mostly in the 1970s and ‘80s, Bama’s images reveal a complex view of western America through portraits of diverse and fascinating people. The

  Esta es una transmisión en vivo en persona  en el Centro para Personas de la Tercera Edad.

Regístrese con anticipación en o

llamando al Centro al 203-977-5151.

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