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 Programas de aprendizaje permanente


The Art of Forgiveness

Thursday, May 23rd



Speaker:  Frank Troise


Would you like more happiness in your life?

Not the type of happiness you can buy with  money, anyone can do that, but the type of happiness that is internal and a happiness you can carry with you all the time.  Learn how forgiveness  increases and decreases internal happiness.

Mastering  The Emotions Mindfully

Thursday, June 13th



Speaker:  Monica Jain


Do you want to be liberated from the shackles of emotions such as anger, frustration, or fear?  Do you want to navigate life's every challenge with calmness and clarity?  Then this session is for you. In this session Monica will share her simple yet powerful practice to experience emotional independence. 

Long Term Care, Fixed Annuities

and Grandchild Gifting

Wednesday, May 29th

12:15 pm-1:00pm


Speaker:  Elaine Fowler,  New York Life


Hear strategies on how to ensure you never out live your retirement savings. Long Term Care is one way to do so but also making sure if/when a long term care event happens, the cost won’t     deplete that saving.  Leave a tax-free investment for your grandchildren 

Improving Your Balance & Strength

Thursday, June 20th



Speaker:  Bob Moore

Collins Medical


    Learn ways in which you can work on      maintaining and improving your strength

and balance

History of Ageism in our Society

Thursday, June 6th



Speaker:  Marie Allen - CEO, 

Southwestern  Connecticut Agency on Aging


Join us for an insightful discussion on the history of Ageism in our society and  it’s impact on economic security, healthcare outcomes, social division and policy implications as well as tips on how we can help combat it

Elder Abuse Prevention

Wednesday, June 26th



Speaker:  Laura Robinson

Mozaic Senior Living


June is Elder Abuse Prevention Month. Elder abuse comes in many forms from financial,

Physical and verbal abuse.

 It is estimated that 1 in 10 older adults experience mistreatment. It is even higher if you have a cognitive challenge, such memory loss.

We all can play a role in  preventing abuse and helping others.

Jewish Family Services of Greenwich

Compassionate Companions

Date to be announced


Speaker: Nyisha M. Vaughn BHSM, C-FDP


Our newly developing program, "Compassionate Companions" (available for Greenwich & Stamford residents) is designed to assist seniors  as well as adults with identified disabilities, with the assistance of a volunteer to attend non-emergency medical appointments. This  program offers free, door to door service, including seeing the client's home. 

Ordering Lunch


If you wish to order lunch from the Patio Café for any of our brown bag lunch & learns, we ask that you please order lunch no later than 48 hours before the lecture. This will ensure that everyone has their lunches prior to the start of the lecture and won't interrupt the speaker.

Boosting your brain beyond

Sudoku and Crosswords 


Come learn what brain exercises

Really look like and how you can boost your brain health.


Thursday, May 9th


(bring your brown bag lunch)



Heather Gately, CEO of

Lifted, Brain Wellness Center


Programas SLN Septiembre 2021

Todos los horarios son a las 2 pm EST  

Los programas a continuación se transmiten en vivo en persona

en el Centro para Personas de la Tercera Edad

(contamos con 5 espacios disponibles para quienes no puedan asistir en persona)


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April  23: Whales in North Carolina: Diversity, Distribution, Conservation.

Carteret County, NC was home to a dolphin and whale hunting industry, used primarily for oil. Historical records aren’t clear how large the industry was. The industry was founded because there are plenty of cetacean species off the coast. As of 2021, the whale center has documented 34 species of cetaceans (all whales, including dolphins and porpoises) along with The center hosts displays of beaked whale skeletons (Plus another being prepped for display) a 37-foot humpback whale skeleton, plus whale teeth, baleen, and whale oil. “Because of our location near ocean currents, the continental shelf, and many other reasons, North Carolina is a hotspot for cetacean diversity on a global scale and we wanted to explain that,” said Keith Rittmaster, Natural Sciences Curator at the North Carolina Maritime Museum and one of the leaders in the effort to create Bonehenge Whale Center. “And quite frankly, these creatures are amazing and I get excited when people learn about them and say WOW!”

May 7: Star Lore of the Ojibwe- Treworgy Planetarium

Mystic Seaport

(Includes a NIGHT SKY UPDATE with Brian! ( an SLN favorite! ) This show will explore the star lore of the Ojibwe, a First Nations tribe living in the Great Lakes Region of southern Canada and the Midwestern United States. We will discover the elements that make up the traditional ecological knowledge of the Ojibwe, to see how they incorporate their cultural values into creating an understanding of the world around them.

May 14: Great Basin National Park Foundation

The Great Basin National Park Foundation passionately works to enhance, preserve, and interpret the starry night skies, wide-open scenery, cultural heritage, and diverse native ecosystems of Great Basin National Park. Our presenters will share an overview of the diverse aspects of this stunning park, as well as a glimpse into the Dark Skies!

May 21: FDR the Hobbyist! FDR Presidential Library and Museum

“I owe my life to my hobbies—especially stamp collecting”—Franklin D. Roosevelt"

Let’s join another one of our favorite presenters, Jeff, as he shares a new topic with us about FDR!

FDR was a man with many interests and the means to pursue them. He loved to hunt, fish, plant trees, sail and he collected stamps, books, and birds! We will be looking at reproductions of some of his ship models, naval prints, book collection, and photos of the original “ Oddities” exhibit, as well as a map of FDR’s tree farm.

May 28: Plaza of Presidents at the National Museum of the Pacific War

The massive scale of World War II is illustrated at the Plaza of Presidents, a stunning tribute to the 10 American presidents who served in various ways during WW II. We will be joining our friend Bryan,( yet another favorite! )  at The Plaza of the Presidents outside the museum, which features ten monuments honoring these presidents: President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman ( Commanders-in-Chief) Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, James E. Carter, Jr., Ronald Reagan, andGeorge H. W. Bush who served in uniform. Join us as we learn about their different connections to WWII.

  Esta es una transmisión en vivo en persona  en el Centro para Personas de la Tercera Edad.

Regístrese con anticipación en o

llamando al Centro al 203-977-5151.

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