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Dream Group

Led by: Dr. Fredrica Halligan




Starting Tuesday, October 4th


Gather together to share a dream and learn from its meaning: thoughts and feelings, imagery, energy and symbolism.


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Programas SLN Septiembre 2021

Todos los horarios son a las 2 pm EST  

Los programas a continuación se transmiten en vivo en persona

en el Centro para Personas de la Tercera Edad

(contamos con 5 espacios disponibles para quienes no puedan asistir en persona)


Casa Granda.jpg

Tuesday, Sept 27: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

The building of the Casa Grande was a major event of the Classic Period (1100 – 1450. C.E.). The best dating methods available indicate that this large, caliche structure was built during the 1300’s. The construction appears to have been well planned and organized, requiring tons of material and a huge cooperative effort on the part of many people.

Today we can only marvel at the Casa Grande and try to imagine what it was used for. Though many theories have been suggested, we still aren’t sure as to its purpose. All we can assume is that the Casa Grande must have been very important to the people who built it. Join us as we learn about this fascinating mystery in Arizona!

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Eleanors bday.jpg

Tues., Oct. 4 : “Powerful Partnerships”- Civil War Era Couples

National Portrait Gallery

Long before the term “power couple” found its way into English lexicon, dynamic duos had been making their mark on U.S. history. “Powerful Partnerships: Civil War-Era Couples” sheds light on the stories and faces of five couples whose work and lives shaped the nation around them during tumultuous times. Featuring photography by the iconic Mathew Brady Studio, the exhibition introduces visitors to the exploits of Nathaniel and Mary Banks, John and Jessie Frémont, Ulysses and Julia Grant, George and Ellen McClellan, and Charles and Lavinia Stratton (better known to the public as Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thumb).

Tuesday, Oct 11: Celebrate Eleanor’s Birthday with the FDR Presidential Library and Museum ! 

“Eleanor Roosevelt, Tireless Advocate for Change “

Having been First Lady for 12 years, and then pursuing a career as a social activist for 17 years on her own, Eleanor Roosevelt had a tremendous impact on the social conditions in this country, and around the world. This session explores some of the causes to which she lent her considerable skills and encouragement.

Frederick Douglas.jpg

Tuesday, Oct 18: Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, DC
 "I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong."

Frederick Douglass spent his life fighting for justice and equality. Born into slavery in 1818, he escaped as a young man and became a leading voice in the abolitionist movement. People everywhere still find inspiration today in his tireless struggle, brilliant words, and inclusive vision of humanity. Douglass's legacy is preserved here at Cedar Hill, where he lived his last 17 years.

Epic Tale.jpg

Tuesday, Oct 25: “The Tabors: An Epic Tale of the West”

National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum


H.A.W Tabor lived the 19th century dream migrating to the west and finding wealth.  After working as a stone cutter he moved west from Maine with an abolitionist party He took up a farm in Kansas.  in 1855 he married a long time sweet heart Augusta Pierce and brought her from Maine to the Kansas farm.  In 1859 they joined the Pikes Peak gold rush. The family’ including Augusta and their one and one half yare old son Maxcy traveled 600 miles  in a covered wagon to Auraria (now Denver Colorado where they struck it rich in CA. Gulch (near what is now) Leadville Colorado .According to the 1860 census Augusta was one of 36 women and 2000 men in the gulch.  They stayed in the area where he, Augusta and Maxcy were successful in business and mining.  In 1874 silver was discovered in the area.  By the end of 1878 H.A.W. had accumulated immense wealth from his mining interests.  He was elected Lt. Governor of Colorado and served a brief term as U. S. Senator.  In 1883 he divorced Augusta his wife of 26 years and married Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt Doe (later known as Baby Doe) 24 years his junior.  Stay tuned for the fascinating “ rest of the story!”

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Conversational Spanish 

with Rene





Join this fun group and learn the basics of Spanish and perfect your pronunciation and vocabulary.


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Inglés como segundo


Nivel principiantes con Andrea

Jueves de 12: 00-1: 00 pm

A partir del 9 de septiembre en persona en el centro.


Español avanzado  

Martes a las 2 pm

Instructor: Presa Ángeles

A partir del 5 de octubre  - 16 de noviembre de 2021

Curso de 7 semanas  

$ 25 para miembros y $ 80 para no miembros

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